Time runs… What should we do?

A soft whispering cry was cutting the silence of madrasa. It was a first year student, who was upset of not managing her home tasks on time and she was crying and hiding her tears with her scarf.
– Hey, what happened? – asked her a teacher, who was just passing the yard and who heard the student’s voice.
– Nothing. Just . . . – and she smiled. Surely teacher felt the guilty but innocent sadness of the girl, so she spoke to the girl with a soft kind friendly voice almost whispering – Ok, imagine, that I’m your best friend. Would you tell what’s the matter? I would keep it a secret?
– Yes, sure. And it is not a secret for everyone, because everyone knows that I can’t handle my homework on time. I really lack of time…
– Here you go. Now it’s better. Now I understand why these shiny pretty eyes are wet. All right. Don’t’ worry. It’s not a big problem, but you should just listen to advice on how to manage your time. And you can do it!
– Thanks a lot, my dear best friend…
This is a usual situation for busy students and not only for them. It a worldwide problem of people. Time runs. And we cannot stop it unfortunately. There are lots of proverbs and sayings about time value, as Time is money, Time fleet away without delay, An ounce of gold will not buy an inch of time…
Surely, we need to value every second of our time in our life. Time is so crucial for human being, that it is also mentioned in the Holy Book Qur’an. In the surah Al-Asr Allah swears with the ayah “Wal –Asr”, which means “by time”. Anything that Allah swears with is surely very essential thing for Muslims. So, there is no doubt that we need to manage our time to manage to do lots of good deeds in this short world.
The next question come to the one’s mind – How? How we can manage our time?
There are lots of techniques scientists, methodologists have worked out that are easy to follow and easy to develop. However, still we forget and do not apply it into a practice. So, the author is also one of those who lack in time management, that’s why the author cannot give any advice on it, but he is able to present some ways and solutions for time management from some surveys done in the institution and have taken from books.
Feel and value time.A person should feel the time flowing and running and all the time remember that every second will not return. Once we feel it we start valuing it. If we look back to the time of our prophet Muhammad Sollalohu Alayhi Wasallam, the sahabas were measuring their time with tasbehs and zikrs. For some of them it was painful to spend their time for eating. Gorgeous! How a person, who usually can’t stand to eat delicious food dislikes the time spent on eating the food. That is a great example for valuing the time.
– Praise Allah for given time. Once we understand that every moment is granted for us and we are happy to have it, we will spend it with happiness.
Make a list to do stuff.
Lots of people use the method and different people have different results. But, surely, once something is written on the paper, it’s better to remember that written thing and easier to realize.
Do not economize time on your health. A person should always do morning exercises. Most people lack in movements nowadays thanks to our very useful interesting handy portable gadgets… they make us do lots of stuff without moving from one chair to another.
– Read more, and especially Qur’an. This is the golden rule for a Muslim we could present. It’s generally known that reading Qur’an gives Baraka to our time!!! This is the exact thing that the author felt on himself and can advise!
You don’t believe it? You just try! And you will see the results!!
– Feel every word of your tongue . We need to feel what we say. The first reason is that every uttered word is recorded to our books of deeds, and the second reason is our feeling of the promises we give. Once we utter a word, it is usually just information, request and mostly is promise. Once the promise is not realized, it becomes a habit, and a speaker gives more and more promises to himself or others about his plans and it becomes an ordinary thing not to keep them. So, the speaker becomes a layer automatically. In Islam, it’s strictly prohibited to lie. Especially telling lies is noticed in student’s life. Usually, once the homework is not done on time during the lesson, a teacher gives it for students to finish that task at home for which students always agree. Here students easily say “Yes, we will do it” and they usually forget. But unfortunately it is recorded as an unkept Promise. A very simple and uttered frequently the word of three letter “Yes” – is turns to be a promise. So, let’s pay attention and feel our every word.
– Do your homework with groupmates
– Divide the task reminders among students
If the homework is done in groups it is proved that the task will be learnt better. The information learnt together will be associated in brains of students in the shapes of the students’ faces and voices.
Task reminders – students themselves. Make each student of your group to be a presenter and reminder of any subject, so every student reminds about his/her subject during the breaks at your studies. He/she can give short information about the subject or some rules and tasks. If you have at least 3 subjects a day and 6 students reminders, almost all breaks between the lessons will be filled with reminding….
There are lots of techniques we can list from other sources, but these are the ones we try to practice nowadays in our group. We hope that the information we tried to present in this article somehow will help in managing your time. May Allah bless the readers of the article! May Allah bless you!

Nilufar Khodjieva English Teacher of Secondary Educational Institution for female Khadicahi Kubro and students of group 1B of mentioned above organization

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