The dignity of reading Quran

In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful!
Peace be upon The Messenger of Allah:
– Read Quran, read Quran!
– Indeed, the person who learns, reads and follows Quran looks like a sack which has musk anbar in it. The smell of it spreads everywhere. The slave who has slept reading Quran looks like a sack whose mouth is tied, he favored.

Yes, certainly, as it is clear from this hadith, we intended to talk about the dignity of reading His Words with the permission of The Lord of the Worlds in this article.
Thus, first, let us mention about the meanings of the word “The Holy Quran”. The word “Quran” was derived from Arabic language and it means “ اقْرا “ – to read, to recite. It is the main book of Muslims, according to the Islamic belief, it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon during 610-632 years. Quran is the Words of Allah Ta’ala, and it is called with the names of “The Book”( writing)“ Furqon” (something which differentiates the right and the wrong), “Zikr “(reminder), “ Tanzil” (revealed). That has been described with the words: “Ray”( light), “Hudo”(Guidance), “Blessed”( abundant), “Mubin” (clear), “Bushro”( good message/news),”Aziz” (something which is held dear),”Majid”(great),”Bashir”( predictor), “Nazir” (warning).
Allah Ta’ala said in Quran: “We sent you Quran as a help”. Surely, reading this Divine Book is beneficial in both Two Worlds. Because, Allah Ta’ala sent His Book as a help, cure, the solution of problems and something which cleans the rusty souls.
Peace be upon The Messenger of Allah mentioned about the degree in the Heaven of a family which recites It in this hadith:
Narrated from Aisha r.a, Peace be upon The Messenger of Allah said:
The house in which Quran is recited is seen so clearly to the people of Heaven, as if the stars in the sky are visible to the people on the earth.
Reciting Quran becomes a ray not only to our houses, but also to our hearts and eyes.
Indeed, when great companion Abdulloh ibn Mas’ud r.a complained of the ache of his eyes to our Prophet – Peace be upon The Messenger of Allah, Peace be upon The Messenger of Allah recommended:
– Always glance at Mus’haf!
So, let us share the benefits of reading Quran not only to our eyes, but also to our whole body with you.
According to scientists’ defining, the one who always reads Quran is highly protected from spiritual concern.
– The one who reads Quran takes pleasure, feels calm;
– Reciting It strengthens the immune system;
– The heart of the slave who reads Quran never hurts;
– Reading It looking at Mus’haf, as we cited, makes eyes acute;
– It increases the capacity for remembering and develops the function of brain;
– It raises the ability of thinking and making the right decision, widens one’s outlook, grows one’s confidence;
– It prevents the diseases which are caused by resentment such as being greedy for life, greed, envy, gossip;
– Reading Quran out following the rules of tajweed improves speech, makes one eloquent;
– Reciting Quran is a cure for a sore throat;
– The person who reads Quran stays away from panic, fear, worrying in vain;
– Recitation of The Holy Quran treats a headache effectively…
Glory be to Allah, this is also the nobility of the Divine Book, one gets surprised as he knows that The Book is Great.
It is no exaggeration to say that this data is one of the miracles of Allah Ta’ala. Because, now lots of researches are being conducted on the scientific miracles of The Holy Quran. Indeed, every word of Allah Ta’ala is rich in extremely many meanings.
Now it is not possible not to look at and read the Holy Quran, ask for their use for their Two Worlds for a reader who has browsed such information about It.
After all, Allah Ta’ala set forth about how we should live, what we should do to achieve Jannah and He said: “We sent you It as a clear warning”. Nevertheless, can we live without reciting The Holy Quran?!

No! Spending a day without the recitation of The Holy Quran must be the biggest disaster for us. Because, Peace be upon The Messenger of Allah said:
“Recite The Holy Quran, because It will intercede Its friends on the Day Of Judgement”.
Muslim’s narration
While we are reciting The Holy Quran, we should read It with differently reflecting upon instead of worthless reading. Because, Quran is a mirror for a slave who is a Muslim. When a human reads Quran, he can correct his faults and errors as he could see them in a mirror. The man who has done sincerely the deeds ordered in It will achieve the approval of Allah Ta’ala. If Allah Ta’ala wills!

Nilufar Khodjieva English Teacher of Secondary Educational Institution for female

Khadicahi Kubro and students of group 2A of mentioned above organization

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