Discover true Islam: what is taught in the Khadichai Kubro madrasah for women


In the women’s madrasah “Khadichai Kubro” in the capital of Uzbekistan, future orientalists and experts in the foundations of Islam are taught.

What are the features of their training and in what areas graduates are in demand, the correspondent of Sputnik Uzbekistan figured out .

Religious extremism is one of the main global challenges in the 21st century.

Especially this threat has recently become more and more urgent in the countries of Central Asia.

Religious education professionals are needed to shape young people’s perceptions of Islam, respond confidently to provocative interpretations and guide students and schoolchildren on the right path.

Today 98 girls from Andijan, Bukhara, Jizzak, Namangan, Syrdarya, Fergana, Khorezm, Tashkent and Tashoblast are studying here.

Students from the regions are provided with a hostel.

Most of the teachers in this madrasah are graduates. Each of the 23 teachers is fluent in Russian, and also communicates easily in English and Arabic.

“The scientific activity of our teachers is a priority issue. They regularly take part in various studies. In particular, they conduct research in the magistracy and doctoral studies of the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan, Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies. To date, our teachers have published about 10 textbooks and more than 20 educational manuals “, – said the director of the educational institution, Doctor of Historical Sciences Nozima Ibragimova.

It is also planned to improve the qualifications and retraining of regional and district teachers.

According to Nozima Ibragimova, this will have a positive effect on the level of religious literacy of people, help convey the true meaning of Islam in order to prevent the appearance of a false interpretation of the canons in society.

How to get to the madrasah “Khadichai Kubro”

Girls aged 18 and over are admitted here on the basis of entrance tests.

These may be graduates of 11 classes of secondary schools, lyceums and colleges from all regions of Uzbekistan.

Those who already have higher education can also study here. As the teachers said, now among the freshmen there is a 43-year-old student, and recently a 48-year-old woman has become a graduate.

Annually about 1,500 people submit documents to “Khadichai Kubro”, but the quota allows only 20. According to the director, the main goal of the madrasah is to prepare girls and bring them to higher education.

“This year we are completing our last fourth year. Now the term of study is three years. Since 2018, training has been conducted according to an improved curriculum. sciences “, – said the deputy director for educational affairs Muattar Vakhidova.

In addition, there are scientific circles in the Arabic language, hatobe, akida, hadith and computer science. Among the general subjects are psychology, pedagogy, law, history, Russian and English, valeology, physical education.

Much attention in the madrasah is paid to the preparation of girls for family life and additional professional education. Here they learn, including sewing and sewing, knitting, cooking, massage therapy and exercise therapy.

There are only women around. Even the watchman

Most of the girls who enter are unmarried. They get married and give birth to children already during their studies, so there is a special room for mother and child on the territory of the educational institution.

The exclusively female collective arouses special trust in the husbands of female students. Even the watchman is a woman here, emphasized Muattar Vakhidova.

Nargiza Sharopova has four children. By her first education, she is a student of a madrasah – a philologist of the English language. Nargiza decided to enter this educational institution because she wanted to study the Arabic language in depth.

“My studies have always been in the first place, because in fact we study all our lives. I study with pleasure, because the teachers themselves motivate this. We are teachers, first of all, for our children. If a woman has no education, then what she can teach our children? To raise them ideal, we ourselves must strive for this ideal “, – the student is convinced.

Before entering the madrasah, Dilnoza Ganieva graduated from the academic lyceum. Then she got married. But the desire to learn and teach remained.

“There is an Arabic proverb: if you teach a son, then only he learns, if you teach a daughter, then you teach others. I wanted my children to be educated, so I started with myself. Now I am 28 years old and I have four children,” she said Dilnoza.

These stories are united by one important point – the girls were supported in everything by their husbands and even mother-in-law. In the case of Dilnoza Ganieva, it was her mother-in-law, a physician by training, who literally pushed her to study.

Will not be left without work

The cost of studying in a madrasah is 10 million soums. At the same time, students receive a scholarship, as well as a compulsory daily hot lunch. Particularly talented students can expect to receive increased monetary rewards for excellent studies.

There is a special attitude towards books in this educational institution. Teachers emphasize: the book is a selfless teacher, the main source of knowledge and spiritual growth.

“We have about 19 thousand books in the fund of the information resource center, including the Koran with Braille. The library is regularly updated with new world fiction and classical literature,” said Charos Mukhitdinova, senior lecturer in Russian.

Since the 2017-2018 academic year, a circle of theologians has appeared in the madrasah, which works with students who memorize the Koran.

Every year, students are trained here in the specialties of Murattaba and Mujavwada. Under the guidance of qualified teachers, female students correct their voices for beautiful recitations in order to perform confidently in the national Qur’anic recitation competition.

Meanwhile, the graduates do not remain without work.

Each of them receives the specialization “Islomologist and preacher (otinoyi) with knowledge of the Arabic language with a specialized secondary religious education.”

Graduates are able to give a scientific reasoned refutation of religious extremist and fundamentalist ideas.

In addition, they are in great demand as teachers in training centers for teaching English and Arabic. They are often recommended as guides to historical religious sites, kindergarten teachers, and library keepers.

Many continue their studies abroad, for example, at Al-Azhar University in Cairo.

Madrasah Khadichai Kubro in Tashkent – Sputnik Uzbekistan, 1920, 09/24/2021

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